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It's about time you got here

You know that feeling when you were a little kid? After a long day at a friend’s or cousin’s, it’s late and your parents are driving you home. It’s cold and dark out but you’re inside the car. You can hear the murmur of their voices and you’re warm, safe, and happy. Working with Adeptus on your marketing gives you that feeling. That thing you need help with, that aspect that fills you with doubts…we got it. Our gift is helping you flourish. We are a different kind of marketing company. We remove ego and add listening.


All marketing starts with a problem. Maybe you’re a business and don’t have enough customers…or your marketing needs have grown bigger than you can handle internally. Or you’re a non-profit and you don’t know where to focus your resources. There is no shortage of ideas. There is a shortage of strategies behind ideas. Because what is the RIGHT thing to do? Our proven ADEPTUS Insight Marketing (AIM) process provides insight that stands out and creates room for ideas while giving you a marketing plan and strategy based on solid measurements of success. But these aren’t just words; we’ll prove it to you.

YOU KNOW YOU. REally well.

You have knowledge. You have passion. When you come to us we don’t bring stone tablets down from the mountain and pronounce “This is the way it must be!” Our clients are our partners. That means we trust you are the expert in your domain. At Adeptus we take what we do best and combine it with what you do best for the optimum solutions. We will challenge assumptions, check biases, and poke at preconceived notions, but at the end of the day, we respect what you know about your organization. This allows us to successfully implement great marketing strategies across a breadth of industries.


Choice is a powerful thing. An Adeptus client is a partner. We look to you to match with our values as we will match yours. We seek partners with the courage to set lofty goals and to chase after them. Not every client becomes an Adeptus client. We talk with you and you talk with us. Is this a good fit? Time is precious. For all of us. We want to place our time and yours into efforts that are fruitful for all of us. (And dare we say fun?)

We LOVE working with the team! They made strategy fun and accessible, guiding our non-profit in creating well developed, clear, and achievable plans. I'm especially grateful to the team for their flexibility. Instead of pushing a "one size fits all" approach, they worked with us to ensure their guidance was in line with our needs. Highly recommend!

Risa Payant

Brita and the team lent their energy and creative talents to the non profit I work for to help us brainstorm new ideas around fundraising. It was a great experience with lots of new ideas generated and learning! Thank you Team!!!

Christall Beaudry

CNIB Saskatchewan

CARFAC SASK had the pleasure of working with Brita and her team for our 2015 board retreat. Our staff and Board gathered for our first facilitated sessions to develop a strategic direction. This process took place over two and a half days and included a review and update of our vision and values statements as well as creating a new three - year strategic plan.

Greg Huszar

Huszar Visuals

They have collaborated with us as a team to help our brand break into a variety of international markets, from Asia and Denmark to Australia and the US.

Sean Frisky

Ground Effects Environmental Services

Adeptus is more than just our marketing firm, they are an integral part of our team. They’ve been there for us at a moment’s notice and their work always exceeds expectations. Brita and her team at Adeptus have helped us with everything from our visual identity to grant writing to designing entire trade show experiences for us to wow our clients and partners. Prairie Clean Energy would not be where we are today without the help of Adeptus.

Mark Cooper

Prairie Clean Energy
What sets Adeptus apart

Our insightful AIM process

Our Adeptus Insight Marketing (AIM) process has been likened to open heart surgery. We get to the heart of the problem and the patient (you) thrives as a result. Strategically, if you don’t solve the first problem, then everything after that is poison fruit from the poisonous tree. (And a waste of money.)


Transformative marketing strategy

Fail to plan: plan to fail. We collaborate with you to figure out what the problems are and what the measurements of success are. At Adeptus we say “The better we define the problem, the better the answer will be.” Just saying, “Ah, we don’t have enough customers/time/money.’ won’t cut it.”


Daring creative

We often say at Adeptus that our job is to make you uncomfortable. If what you’re doing is comfortable, more than likely you are getting comfortable results. With insightful strategy, transformative thinking, and creative that makes you want to show your friends and family, “Look what we’re doing!” and hit your targets, then let’s talk.

Adeptus services sampling
Social media strategy​
We’ll help you flourish in the ever-changing world of social media. You can hand us the keys and let us run it for you, or we can get you set up and ready to roll on your own. You do what’s fun for you (or makes sense for your budget) and we’ll do the rest.
Helping you hire your marketing person

We’re amazing at hiring marketing people (and other people, too). We use a proprietary approach to hiring that will blow your mind and put you at ease at the same time. We’ll help you find someone so great you’ll wonder how you got by without them. it.”

Brand or rebrand you​

Whether you’re just starting out or badly in need of a brand refresh, our creative team will work with you to find the right look and feel for your business or organization. Using our unique branding process, we’ll work together to create your perfect branding.