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Marketing is the Strategy Behind it all

It’s like that cousin that figures out what you’re all going to do for the summer and the rest of you fall behind and do it and love every minute of it. Advertising is the making and creating of the ads, the ideas, and the execution of the strategy. Communications is about specific messaging. But really, marketing is the engine behind it all. We call ourselves Adeptus Marketing because we start with the strategy and then help execute the advertising, public relations, and communications from there.


From billboard, Facebook, and radio ads to public relations, website builds, and strategic planning, our experienced, knowledgeable team can help you solve nearly any difficult problems you’re facing.


From start-ups and non-profits to government organizations and companies doing business around the world, we help all types of organizations solve their marketing problems.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing sounds very huge and ephemeral, doesn’t it? It’s really quite simple. You want to sell a product or service and we have the strategies and tools to help you. Let’s make a plan.

Marketing Campaigns

Anyone can throw together a billboard or Facebook ad, but it takes experience and insight to build an entire campaign. Radio or digital? Facebook or TikTok? Direct mail or experiential? All of the above? We’ll work with you to develop the best strategy for your business and help you build a marketing campaign that works.

Non-Profit Marketing

Your budget is strapped, you’re understaffed, and the list of to-dos keeps on growing. We get it; life at a non-profit is tough. Let our experienced marketing team and special non-profit rate put you at ease.

Start-up marketing

Life is a rollercoaster when you’re starting a new business. Fast-paced, ever-changing, and little room for error. Let us, the experienced professionals, help you with your oh-so-vital marketing. Let us help you get the word out – because your business can’t succeed if no one knows you exist.

Social, Advertising & Design

If you’re looking for a proven social media strategy, a brilliant website, or advertising of any kind, our creative team is here to help you stand out.


Ever heard of it? We have a stocked tool belt and aren’t afraid to use it. You will work with our experts to employ the exact advertising strategies to specifically benefit you.


Our experienced creative team will leave you saying, “You made this??” Whether you have us create a billboard, magazine, website, or area rug, we can guarantee that jaw is gonna be dropped.

Social media strategy & performance​

You wouldn’t use a hairdresser that only knows one haircut. Why would you use a marketing firm that only has one strategy? We can boost and monitor your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and whatever else is waiting around the corner. You can hand over the keys and we can run it all for you, or we can help with the creative and strategy and you can execute the parts that are fun for you (or make sense for your budget).


We would love, love, love to work with you on your website. This could be a customer’s first impression so let’s make it a really good one. We can help you do everything from registering your URL to your customer flow. We’ll work with you on a great, easy-to-navigate structure and keep an eye on UX and UI design for great accessibility. The writing. Oh, the writing. We’ll make sure you’re understood in this limited character universe, as well as write with SEO in mind. 

PR & Communications

Crises, celebrations, and everything in between, we can help you communicate your messaging so it’s properly received.


This is the touchstone to every successful merger of reputation and key messaging. The more your stakeholders know and understand you, the better your relationship will be with them, which helps you in good time and not-so-good times. Do you know who all stakeholders are internally and externally. Do you have a crisis comms plan? Do you have a comms plan with success metrics? If not, let’s talk.

Public Relations​

The communication process between organizations and the public must be swift and direct whether it’s a brag-worthy moment or tackling a crisis. Let us form a strategy and carry it out.

Hiring & Strategy

Your marketing is most effective when you have the right strategy and staff. We can help set you up for success in both areas.

Strategic Planning

Remember maps? They had a good run. A strategic plan is a map of sorts. It defines who you are as a business and gives you concrete steps to achieve your mission. We have a proprietary process that doesn’t end with a giant document you’ll never crack. Want references? We have happy, thriving companies and organizations that have been through our process and we’d love for you to speak to them.

Hiring Marketing Staff

We’re amazing at hiring marketing people (and other people, too). Because we have an amazing marketing team. We use a proprietary approach to hiring that will blow your mind and put your mind at rest at the same time. We can help you end up with someone so great it will feel like they’ve been there all their life.


For every problem there’s a creative solution, but it all starts with sound strategy. Let us help you.