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About Adeptus

The word Adeptus is Latin for a person skilled in alchemy: transformation. Turning this into that. Working with Adeptus that means turning people into customers. Dreams into strategies. Visions into action. 

Measurable success. Collaborative processes. Transformative results. 

Adeptus history starts in the heyday of 2013 as Arcas Advertising. In 2019 Brita Lind purchased the agency and brought it to today’s heights. We are not stopping in our vision to be the most sought after marketing agency in North America. 


You are looking to be pushed outside of your comfort zone. Or gently nudged. Or maybe catapulted. Whatever velocity you leave at, you are looking for a change and we have the specific set of skills to help you land safely.


We are agents of flourishing. We help people and organizations flourish through our insight, imagination, and ability to tie it all to metrics.


Our team is small and brilliant. And we are a team: each member’s unique talents work in harmony to create a genius solution. We’re like the Captain Planet or Voltron of marketing.

Chelsea Manz

Lady Adeptus fixes you with her blazing stare. Her motley travelling party assembled in formation behind her, the orc army closing in just beyond the moor. You feel the alchemic power of this band of cohorts’ collective belief in you coursing through your veins. You turn to again face the rusted handle of the sword stuck for centuries in stone. With an ear-splitting cry, you wrench the sword from its boulder prison and thrust it triumphantly above your head. You feel with complete certainty at that moment that with Lady Adeptus by your side anything is possible…

JoinING our team

We currently do not have any open positions to join our team. New roles will always be posted here first! 

We were notified on October 30, 2023 that what appears to be a fraudulent job posting is running on Indeed titled “Entry Level Marketing Assistant”. This was not posted by us and we have reported it. We apologize for any effort spent filling out an application! Applications for roles with Adeptus will always have a link directly from our website to apply through our job portal.