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Regina Folk Festival

We build mobile friendly websites that help brands stay current and competitive.

The digital economy waits for no one. Adeptus Marketing 
builds and develops mobile friendly websites to help clients stay competitive and communicate more effectively to their target audiences and customers.

With Google now giving preferential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings to mobile friendly/responsive websites, the need for re-thinking 
a brand’s website purpose and functionality has never been more critical. Consumers are researching and buying products and/or services online now more than ever – and increasingly more from mobile phones and devices such as tablets. Thus, an easy-to-view and navigate user experience on mobile 
is a must.

Adeptus specializes in branding and brand identity design – which allows us to translate a client’s offline identity to the online/digital medium. From design to launch, we can help you compete more effectively in the competitive digital landscape.