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TikTok Launch

TikTok Launch
TikTok Launch

SaskGalleries is the not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting, developing and encouraging the growth of Saskatchewan commercial art galleries who exhibit and sell original works of art.

The Challenge

SaskGalleries runs a yearly marketing campaign to help support growing member galleries’ clientele. Over the past few years, video has become a large part of this campaign. At the beginning of 2022, SaskGalleries knew they wanted to continue utilizing video but they needed a way to interact with and attract new and younger art buyers.

The Thinking

With the question of “How do we get more people to buy art?” on everyone’s mind, it was decided SaskGalleries would start a TikTok account. Not only would this allow them to continue to educate potential art buyers on what commercial galleries offer and answer many frequently asked questions, but it would also allow them to reach a new demographic in a fun and entertaining way.

The Result

Adeptus helped SaskGalleries create their SaskGalleries TikTok account, developed 14 different concepts for videos that focussed on educating and entertaining their audience, and filmed, edited, and published numerous videos while creating a voice for their channel. SaskGalleries TikTok videos have been viewed thousands of times and the account continues to grow