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Rebrand & Website

Rebrand & Website
Rebrand & Website
Rebrand & Website

The Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG) is a student-funded resource centre at the University of Regina committed to social and environmental justice. RPIRG enables students to organize around issues through research, education, and action by providing necessary funding and resources.

The Challenge

RPIRG was using the same outdated website and branding they started with in 2007. The website was difficult to change and challenging for their audience to use. RPIRG needed a clean design that reflected who they are and where they’re going.

The Thinking

Adeptus Marketing worked with the RPIRG board and staff to design a welcoming website and brand image. RPIRG needed digital assets that were modern, readable, easily accessible, and that spoke to their audience. Using an approach known as User Experience (UX) design, we wanted to create an online experience that was both meaningful and relevant to its users.

The Result

Alongside our partners, we built an easy-to-use website that is as functional as it is beautiful. Important information, such as funding and events, can be found within seconds and an “Accessibility Helper Sidebar” allows users to adjust text size and colour if need be. Additionally, we designed RPIRG’s beautiful new logo – an abstract representation of a raised fist, demonstrating their commitment to social and environmental justice – to better represent who they are.