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Creative Sask

Creative Saskatchewan was established as a Government of Saskatchewan crown agency in July of 2013. They are an economic development organization in Saskatchewan that provides programs and funding to six key creative industries across the province. 

The Challenge

Creative Saskatchewan had a problem – their logo was outdated and so similar to others that it created brand confusion. They felt it needed more energy and, as they live in the creative world, wanted it to include a little more imagination and beauty. They were also looking to establish a brand identity and tagline.

The Thinking

Our team at Adeptus wanted to give Creative Saskatchewan something gorgeous and modern without creating something their many stakeholders and clients wouldn’t recognize. With this in mind, our design team got to work developing several logo designs and dozens of potential taglines to help give Creative Saskatchewan’s branding the upgrade it deserved. 

The Result

After hours of design, copywriting, and deliberation, our creative team finalized a beautiful new logo and succinct, yet powerful, tagline. Creative Saskatchewan’s new logo is bright and modern and pays homage to their old branding. The new tagline, Propelling Creative Entrepreneurship, implies action and speaks to all Creative Saskatchewan stakeholders, from financers to clients. 

The team at Creative Saskatchewan fell in love with their new branding immediately, and greatly appreciated the social icons, brand use guide, and brand book we provided.