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PR / Social / Crisis Communications

Saskatchewan Construction Association

The Saskatchewan Construction Association (SKCA) is the provincial organization that supports the interests of construction professionals and companies across Saskatchewan.

The Challenge

In response to COVID-19, the construction industry wanted the public to know the strict protocols Saskatchewan construction companies follow to ensure their workers stay safe during the pandemic.

The Thinking

Adeptus Marketing strategized, wrote, programmed and designed a social media campaign in an agile approach to emphasize the high level of care being taken by construction companies across the province. A series of graphics and accompanying write-ups were posted to SKCA’s and other industry organizations’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts across several days, with each post featuring a different best practice that construction professionals had implemented due to the pandemic.

The Result

The posts were a hit, with high engagement from the public and construction professionals from across the province. The campaign inspired individual construction companies to post photos and descriptions of how they have been implementing the practices in their workplace, with some companies even reposting the graphics to raise awareness. Professionals were happy to share their commitment to safety, and members of the public reacted positively to how the industry conducts itself safely.