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Campaign / Social / Outdoor Advertising

Group Medical Services (GMS)

GMS is Canada’s expert in health and travel insurance, providing a complete range of health and travel insurance to individuals and groups. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, GMS has provided Canadians with friendly, personalized service for over 60 years.

As their Agency of Record since 2009, Adeptus has developed the brand’s new logo and visual identity, creative brand platform, annual media planning, direct mail and online tactics. As well, Adeptus has been responsible for an extensive brand and product research program to garner insights for ongoing strategic branding and competitive initiatives.

The Conversation

Under tight COVID-19 restrictions, we created a television ad to feature GMS’s customer service representatives and how they create an excellent – and easy – customer experience on the phone. The TV spot walked the viewer through a typical phone call with GMS and interspersed real-life parallels to the customer’s health coverage selections through a series of quick cuts. We later adapted footage into a social media campaign promoting the client’s online service by overlaying the video with visuals depicting online selection tools.

We also designed new exterior vinyl signage to convey the simplicity of the client’s website. In this project we were able to reinforce messaging and make our footage stretch even further by repurposing a shot from the TV spot to design eye-catching creative for the transit shelter and bench in front of their office.

GMS Living Well

For GMS’s “Living Well” television campaign, Adeptus worked with real people to tell their story of “what wellness means to me.” In 2019, we used the b-roll footage to cut an entirely new 30-second television commercial plus create more than a dozen social media assets GMS could use organically. Brita Lind was the copywriter and creative director for social media execution. Stephen Hall produced and directed the original TV spot this revised/re-edited spot was based on. Tracy Pokrzywa was the art director for the revised spots and social media execution.

The result: The spots tracked extremely well and personal health product targets were exceeded in Saskatchewan.

GMS QCM 2020 Social Promo Videos

GMS includes their employees in so many fun initiatives throughout the year, with the GMS Queen City Marathon (QCM) being one of their major events. Every year their employees either run the race or make signs, dress up, and cheer their hearts out along the race course. In 2020 they were really missing the connection they get from this event, both from an employee engagement and community awareness perspective. They came to us with a desire for videos to promote the QCM internally and on their social channels, and hoped to include their employees in some way. We wanted to create a sense of community togetherness even though we had to film outside and individually for safety. Did this involve some Adeptus-ites clapping and cheering all day in masks while GMS employees clapped and cheered at a camera on their front lawns? Maybe. Was it worth it? Definitely.

The result: The videos received high engagement. In addition, GMS staff really appreciated the opportunity tobe part of the QCM in spite of the pandemic!

“Kudos and thanks – the videos really captured the enthusiasm of our staff for this event – great job by all!” Lisa Ann Wood, Corporate Communications, GMS.

GMS Individual Health Plans Campaign

GMS reached out to Adeptus Marketing to help promote individual health care plans. Working together, we decided a combined social and outdoor campaign would be best. People are unlikely to take immediate action when they see an ad on a bus bench or digital billboard, but they become much more likely to click through a social media ad after seeing those bench and billboard ads on their way to work each day. 

Ads were designed to speak to directly to one of three specific target audiences. Descriptions for each audience included details such as age, household income, and preferred technologies, as well as their needs, expectations, and priorities. Having these customer profiles allowed us to create ads that truly spoke to potential customers. 

In addition to paid social ads, we designed an extensive outdoor advertising campaign that included bus bench, transit shelter, digital billboards, and window vinyl advertising. By combining the social and outdoor campaigns, we were able to reach potential customers in a variety of ways, which led to a very successful promotion.