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No one does anything they don’t want to do: Adeptus Company Concept No. 1

We have a staple cultural concept at Adeptus: no one does anything they don’t want to do.

Now, slowly remove your jaw from the floor (some of you perhaps) and hear me out.

When a staff member at a company is doing something they don’t want to do, someone pays (in one or many ways).
  • The staff member themself pays because they are unhappy and don’t like their job. It affects their health and well-being.
  • The staff member’s family and friends might pay because their spouse/sibling/friend is unhappy outside of work because they don’t like what they do, and they complain about their job a lot.
  • The other team members pay because a team member who is unhappy doing what they’re doing is likely not doing their best work, thus making it hard for the whole team.
  • The client pays, by getting sub-standard work.
  • And the owner of the company pays because when someone is unhappy at work they take longer to do their job, they might miss deadlines, they’ll take more sick days, or they just don’t put their all into it because their heart isn’t in it.

I once shared this concept with someone who had worked at a large institution. He said, “How can you run a company like that? Nothing’ll get done. And there is always something someone doesn’t want to do. They work there, so they have to do it.”

All fair points based on the North American corporate system. But I believe the cost of the first half of this blog is much, much higher than the cost of that last paragraph. Human cost and company cost. And for me as the owner, it’s not worth it.

What happens at Adeptus is that if someone doesn’t want to do something, they raise their hand and ask for help. One person’s lead is another person’s gold. At home I like washing the dishes. My son hates that. He loves putting them away. Me? I hate putting them away. Lead. Gold.

This is a cursory overview of just one piece of our remarkable company culture. If you want to hear more, book a presentation. We’d be more than happy to share our joy with you.


Brita Lind
Owner, CEO, Adeptus Marketing.