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From Arcas To Adeptus

The story of Adeptus really begins with the story of Arcas. 

Greek tragedy? Or Greek opportunity? 

When Adeptus owner Brita Lind was a junior copywriter, she was tasked with creating the name of an advertising and direct targeting marketing agency. She came up with Arcas, which comes from Greek mythology – Arcas was the son of Zeus and an excellent hunter and archer.  

Skip forward a wee bit 

Years later, in late 2019, the complex algorithm of the universe chose that Brita would acquire the company she had wisely named those years ago. Brita bought Arcas Advertising from Arcas Group. However, she had forged the Arcas name a long time ago–not only was she a different person but the clients and marketplace were also vastly different. 

So began a process of introspection. 

Flourish as la raison d’être 

It’s one thing to go through a drawer, throw out everything, and start from scratch. It’s another to go through a drawer slowly and realize which things are actually quite valuable. Over this time of introspection, the single word “flourish” would not leave Brita. It eventually became the principle of what she wanted the company to be about. It was to be an agent of flourishing for our clients, partners and employees. Now that she knew flourish was the building block, she knew the company would not only need to be rebranded but also…renamed.  

Where did Adeptus come from, anyway? 

The new name had to represent both our values and our mission of being the most sought-after marketing firm in North America–a name that could nestle among the names of top marketing firms and not look out of place. A name that would have gravitas when a high-level CEO calls out “Get me ____ on the line!”  

We went medieval on this new Adeptus name 

The name that captured everyone’s attention was Adeptus Marketing. In the days of medieval Latin, an adeptus was a person who learned the secrets of alchemy, the secret of transmuting metals. Adeptus means skilled, expert, highly proficient–one who has achieved. Essentially, we are magicians. We have the ability to transform. 

Adeptus Marketing branding 

The branding is very modern, versatile and strong for digital. Instead of having only a name and a logo and simply plastering those things on everything, the branding lets us give a consistent feeling throughout platforms. The “t” in the logo changes colour using our brand colours depending on how we feel. We have the freedom to adapt to an ever-changing media landscape. This gives us more of a brand repertoire instead of playing the same song over and over.  

Adeptus AIM Process 

We got to this place the way everyone has to get there. We put ourselves through the same process we put our clients through–The Adeptus Insight Marketing (AIM) process. And it works. We know how to get to the essence of what an organization is and how to help you tell your story visually, verbally, digitally, and socially.  

Soooooo…does your branding need some Adeptus?  

If you are in a position, like we were once, where your branding no longer reflects your organization, we are here. Maybe you don’t need a rebranding but perhaps a brand expansion for the new digital landscape. If you feel as if you are trapped in a box, you probably are and we can help break you out of it. It’s like that scene from Wizard of Oz. You are accustomed to the black and white farmhouse you came in — not realizing there is a technicolour world just outside the door. We can help you take that next step. Contact us here.