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Actions For Earth Day

Things have changed over the past 70 years. Since around 1950, our collective activities as humans have had a major impact on our planet. Earth’s climate and ecosystems have undergone significant shifts during this time as technological advances have changed the way we live. From global warming and habitat loss to changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere, oceans, and soil – these are not minor developments. These changes are so profound that they have led some experts to suggest we have entered a new geological period known as the Anthropocene Epoch.

Worldwide, our population has more than quadrupled over the past century. And we consume more and more each day. In Canada alone, we generate approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage and burn over 4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas each year. We’re polluting our oceans and seeing our natural habitats disappear at an alarming rate. It can be enough to make you want to jump ship and live the off-grid life.

But there can be balance. Pollution and consumption do not need to be an either/or scenario. We can’t all choose to homestead on a plot of land in the woods and swear off consumerism completely, but we can live our lives while intentionally using less. We can walk more instead of driving everywhere. We can put on a sweater rather than heat up the entire house. We can plant trees, recycle, and worry a little less about personal luxury while focussing a little more on the health and wellbeing of our planet. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got.

At our last staff meeting, in preparation for Earth Day, we surveyed the team on ways they try to reduce their environmental impact. Here is a list of some of the small actions our Adeptus employees take to help reduce, reuse, and recycle and slow down the effects of the Anthropocene.

Ways We Reduce Waste

  • Use non-disposable straws made of metal or bamboo
  • Brew tea with loose leaf tea balls instead of tea bags
  • Buy food and beauty products in bulk, using our own refillable containers

Ways We Reuse Materials

  • Compost our food scraps
  • Make rags from old clothes
  • Use scrap paper for grocery lists and notes

Ways We Recycle

  • Take old electronics and paint to SARCAN
  • Recycle used ink cartridges
  • Upcycle materials for crafts

Ways We Cut Back on Single-Use Items

  • Water plants with all the half-full water glasses our families abandon around the house
  • Use digital proofs and contracts rather than printed when possible
  • Make coffee at home with refillable coffee pods

Ways We Cut Down Fuel and Energy Use

  • Wash clothes in cold water and hang dry when we can
  • Keep the heat turned down, even when working at home
  • Work remotely to cut back on commuting

Unfortunately, nothing listed above on its own will save our planet. Switching to Zoom meetings and reusable coffee pods won’t reverse climate change and habitat loss overnight. But, as was mentioned in our meeting – every little bit helps.

We make thousands of decisions each day. If we all do a little more to preserve and care for our beautiful planet by making intelligent, responsible decisions, we can have a major, meaningful impact.